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Zubair Hassan


Muhammad Haris

Project Manager

Shahid Rehman

Sr. Software Engineer

Arslan Mukhtar

Sr. Front End Developer

Arshad Khurram

UI-UX Expert

Kashif Junaid

Sr. Accountant

Fahad Qamar

Account Manager

Fareed Fakhar

HR Manager

Yam Yam


Kimberly Ober


Liezel Mae Roma



Zoho Expert / WordPress Developer

Muhammad Bilal Sandhu

Account Executive

Khaleel ur Rehman

Software Engineer

Perks at Multiserv

We make sure that our employees are getting the benefits they deserve, that’s why we provide them with the following:

Meal Allowances

Healthy eating leads to better productivity. This is why, at Multiserv, we offer meal allowances for our employees to ensure their health isn’t compromised.

Pay Raise

At Multiserv, we make sure our employees are getting a market-competitive salary. We also provide performance-based appraisals on basis of annual evaluation.

Yearly Bonuses

We not only reward the employees with pay raise but also offers annual bonuses based on their performances. Here, no efforts of our employees go unrecognized.

Achievement Award

Financial benefits alone aren’t enough to boost morale. At Multiserv, we host an annual award ceremony to appreciate the employees for their hard work all year round.

Office Trips

To stay focused and perform at their fullest capacity, it is important the employees get a much-needed break. Annual trips are organized for a fresh start.

Life at MultiServ

Are you interested in joining our diverse team?

We provide a working environment that promotes healthy and innovative thinking.